Sarah + Stephen: A Santa Barbara Wedding

May I just say, I love the couples that find me. This couple is just as sweet as pie, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them since we first met to discuss photography. Our journey began with an adventurous engagement session, spanning from the mountains to the beach, and brought us to this beautiful wedding day (and we stopped at the beach again). Learning about this couple, I can just tell their every action is genuine, and so I have all the faith in the world that their marriage will be a great one.

My favorite part though, was the dancing! This bride and her friends can tear it apart, ballroom style! But even when the dancing was less difficult, my gosh was it joyful! Just take a look, it’s all smiles!

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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Sarah & Sean

If you couldn’t tell this couple was meant to be together by the bright light that is Sarah’s smile, you could certainly do so by watching and listening to their friends in their presence. This wedding was brimming with emotion, honesty, and the fruits of an epic voyage to get here. I am so grateful I got to be a part of it. This was definitely one of those weddings where I got lost in the speeches and forgot that I had only met them a couple of months ago.

These photos just tell a piece of the story, but that story will be for Sarah and Sean to tell. For now, enjoy this snippet, as I send well wishes to these two and their beautiful future!

SarahSeanBlog_01I took the dress on a little adventure….SarahSeanBlog_02SarahSeanBlog_03SarahSeanBlog_04Ask them about their ring story! SarahSeanBlog_05SarahSeanBlog_06SarahSeanBlog_07SarahSeanBlog_08.5SarahSeanBlog_08SarahSeanBlog_09SarahSeanBlog_10SarahSeanBlog_11SarahSeanBlog_12SarahSeanBlog_13SarahSeanBlog_14SarahSeanBlog_15SarahSeanBlog_16SarahSeanBlog_17SarahSeanBlog_18SarahSeanBlog_19SarahSeanBlog_20SarahSeanBlog_21SarahSeanBlog_22SarahSeanBlog_23SarahSeanBlog_24SarahSeanBlog_25SarahSeanBlog_26SarahSeanBlog_27I have a soft spot for sisters… 😛SarahSeanBlog_28SarahSeanBlog_29SarahSeanBlog_30SarahSeanBlog_31SarahSeanBlog_32SarahSeanBlog_33SarahSeanBlog_34SarahSeanBlog_35SarahSeanBlog_36SarahSeanBlog_37SarahSeanBlog_38SarahSeanBlog_39SarahSeanBlog_40New brothers.SarahSeanBlog_41SarahSeanBlog_42SarahSeanBlog_43SarahSeanBlog_44SarahSeanBlog_45

Sunset Anniversary Session

This session made me very happy to shoot. The very idea sums up a strong belief of mine, that we should always be making and capturing memories! These two came to Santa Barbara for a romantic 20th anniversary weekend getaway, and made a point to set aside some time for a photo session. I love that! I can’t tell you how often I hear married couples say that the last nice photos they had taken of them were at their wedding.

And walking with them that evening, I could see the romance is very much alive and well. Their weekend didn’t begin as smoothly as they had hoped, but I think taking that sunset walk with me, getting dressed up and focusing only on each other for this session, got them in the right mindset for the rest of their weekend. 🙂

Here’s to another 20 years, you two!

StephanieDean20th_006 blogStephanieDean20th_007 blogStephanieDean20th_011 blogStephanieDean20th_035 blogStephanieDean20th_047 blogStephanieDean20th_049 blogStephanieDean20th_082 copyStephanieDean20th_093 blogStephanieDean20th_054 blogStephanieDean20th_059 blogStephanieDean20th_070 blog

Pony Party!

I don’t advertise it much, but I absolutely love photographing kids’ birthday parties! So I thought I’d share a few from an especially fun one I shot recently. The mother of these two is very wise, and threw a joint birthday bash for her two and four year-olds, between their actual birthdays. She is also very wise because she rented ponies for all the kids to ride for a Boots & Bows themed party!

Now that this idea is out there… how did anyone ever throw a kids birthday party WITHOUT ponies?? It’s genius, and I would have been so stoked to have this every year until I was… well I would still love it!

Along with the pony guests of honor, wise mama provided lunch for the kids and grown-ups from the Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch, refreshments, and amazing custom cakes by Darla Castellanos.

What a fun day, and I think it was a hit!

PonyParty_143_blogPonyParty_010_blogPonyParty_086_blog comboThe birthday girl, ready to ride.PonyParty_173_blogPonyParty_038_blog comboPonyParty_070_blogThese boots are too perfect.PonyParty_127_blogThis little girl was ALL smiles, every second she was on a pony. ❤PonyParty_126_blogPonyParty_027_blog comboSo adorable.PonyParty_165_blogPonyParty_166_blog comboThe ultimate little cowgirl.PonyParty_212_blog copyPonyParty_107_blog comboPonyParty_146_blogThe birthday boy – too cool for school!PonyParty_223_blogPonyParty_235_blogPonyParty_120_blogPonyParty_243_blog comboAlready a pro.PonyParty_151_blogPonyParty_248_blog comboOk this is the cutest use of photos I’ve seen in a long time – I’ve been doing this family’s photos since Eva was 3 months old, and it’s so great to see them put together this way!PonyParty_100_blogPonyParty_187_blog combo

If you or your kids are in these photos and would like to order prints, please contact me at!

Venue: Stow House, Goleta

Holiday Card Extravaganza!

It’s official whether you’re ready or not, the Holiday Season 2016 has begun! To kick it off, I’m happy to announce that I am officially offering to take care of your Holiday Card needs this year! Hooray!

In doing this, my goal is to help you make the most of your photos, show them off with as much pizazz as they deserve, and to make life EASY on you! Holiday cards can be such a pain, but with my help, I can take off some of the strain.

All you have to do is:

  1. Browse the designs below and choose one. Make note of the design code (1a for example), and how many photos you’ll need to choose for the card.
  2. Visit HERE and place your order.
  3. When I receive the order, I’ll put together a draft of your cards for your approval and email you a pic. Once you approve, you’re done!

At that point, they are on their way to my lab! Turnaround time for cards in the lab is about 48 hours, and shipping is super fast. Your box of cards + your set of return address stickers should arrive within a week!

Minimum order is 25 cards, and include any choice of paper, and complimentary envelopes with your choice of gold, silver or white lining  (4×8 designs include only white). Your set of 50 return address stickers can be added on for $25.



Standard cards are available in Linen, Felt, Pearl or Glossy papers. Linen has a little texture as shown, Pearl has an extra sparkle added, Felt is a soft and high quality material, and Glossy is the closest to a normal print, but with less glare, and coated to protect from finger prints and damage.
Foil-pressed cards are only available in Felt.


Standard Double-Sided Cards

5×7 or 7×5 Double-Sided Card – $2.00 per card

1a:                                         1b:                                        1c (seen above):                 1d:


1e:                                        1f:                                        1g:                                        1h:5x7-flat-2
1i:                                                      1j:                                                           1k:7x5-flat
1L:                                                      1m:                                                      1n:7x5-flat-2

You may also select a background pattern from section 10 (shown with foil pressed cards).

4×8 Double-Sided Landscape – $2.00 per card

2a:                                                                                      2b:8x4-flat

8×4 or 4×8 Double-Sided Ornate – $2.50 per card

3a:                                                                                    3b:4x8-ornate4a ^

7×5 or 7×5 Double-Sided Ornate – $2.50 per card


5a:                                                                                        5b:7x5-ornate-1

5d:                                                                                              5e:5x7-ornate5f:                                                                                              5g:5x7-ornate-2

5×7 or 7×5 Double Sided Scalloped – $2.50 per card5x7-scalloped-sample6a (above)
6b:                                                                                             6c:
scalloped-cards-x26d:                                                                                             6e:scalloped-cards-x2-2
6f:                                                                                                6g:5x7-scalloped

Ornate Folded Cards


5×5 Folded – $3 per card

7a:                                                                                            7b:5x5-folded-luxe

7×5 Top-Folding – $3 per card

8a: (outside/inside – also shown above)

Foil Pressed Cards

Foil Pressed Double-Sided 5×7 or 7×5 – $3 per card


[showing 9n and 10g ^]

The black area is where your image goes.
All designs are available in Red, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and Opal.
Choose one Front design and one Back design – back patterns can be either portrait or landscape. Alternatively, you can choose to fill the back with an image instead – note this in the order form.

  9a: Halls (gold)         9b: Merry (red)         9c: Blessings           9d: Fir                     9e: Branches

9f: Sweet                                9g:  Joy1  (opal)                 9h: Flakes                           (9a silver)foil-7x5-39i: Happiest       9j: Fir           9k: Twinkle      9L: Happy     9m: Snow    9n: Cursive   9O: Flakesfoil-5x7-19p: Holidays          9q: Holly             9r: Joy2                 (9k gold)                9s: Calm          9t: Joy3foil-5x7-210a: Blue Trees        10b: Rustic Holly      10c: Wood              10d: Green Trees      10e: Shine1foil-back-1
10f: Wood             10g: Holly1         10h: Stars1         10i: Stars2          10j: Fir                 10k: Holly2foil-back-210L: Stars3     10m: Trees    10n: Stripes   10O:Shine2   10p: Silver    10q: Flakes1   10r: Flakes2foil-back-3

Foil Pressed, 5×7 or 7×5 Folded Cards – $4 per card


11a: Merry (opal)                11b: Snow (silver)            11c: Wreath                       11d: Flake Borderfoil-7x5-folded-111e: Twinklest (red)          11f: Leaves (gold)           11g: Cursive Snow       11h: Sprout (rose gold)foil-7x5-folded-211i: Flakes           11j: Joyful           11k: Blessings    11L: Bright          11m: Peace        11n: Snowfoil-5x7-folded-111O: Happy         (11L rose gold)  11p: Branch       11q: Wishes          11r:  Dots           11s: Firfoil-5x7-folded-2

                            11t: Joy                   11u: Holiday             11v: Festive

Tawny & Nick Picon Wedding!

I’m excited to share some of my favorite shots from a beautiful wedding, the culmination of a storybook romance. I’ve known these two for years, and you might say their relationship began as “puppy love” – my favorite kind! – as puppy Reggie was the reason they met! So of course I was stoked to be able to photograph this wedding, pups in tow.

But in addition to the awesomeness of having their perfectly matched dogs around, this wedding – dress, flowers, chandeliers, and lots of Tawny-made details – was gorgeous! The day resonated with feelings of love and joy. Close friends and family gathered to share stories, tears, and dance the night away in the sophisticated yet homey ranch setting.

Congratulations, my friends!


Announcing Holiday Mini Sessions!

It’s that time of year (and my FAVORITE time of year!) And though I’m a little late getting the word out, I’m happy to announce, I am offering Mini Sessions once again! These are the perfect sessions for your holiday photo necessities!

Here are a few things to note if you’re considering booking one. All mini session locations and time slots are predetermined by myself. Each slot is 20 minutes at one location. Babies must be older than 3 months of age, and the family price includes up to 5 people and 2 dogs (more can be added for $25 per individual!) Each session comes with 5 complimentary digital downloads with print release, and the full set can be purchased for an additional $100. When booking a session, a $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot.

This year I’ll be using a couple of different outdoor locations, and I plan to do ONE day of twinkle light sessions for kids or dogs only!


Mini Session Dates, 2016:

Saturday, October 22 – Kids/Families Only
Friday, October 28 – Kids/Families Only
Friday, November 18
Saturday, November 26 (Thanksgiving weekend)
Saturday, December 3 – Twinkle Light Day! – Kids/Pets Only
Saturday, December 10

Mini Session Packages

Option 1:
Kids or Dogs Only
$150 Includes:

20-minute session for up to 3 children or pets only
At least 15-20 fully retouched images posted to an online gallery
5 high-res images with print release10% off prints and holiday cards

Option 2:
Family Mini Session
$200 Includes:

20-minute session for the whole family
At least 15-25 fully retouched images posted to an online gallery
5 high-res images with print release
10% off prints and holiday cards


Additional options:
Full Set of all digital images from the session: $100
Full Set on a Custom USB Drive: $175 (Includes a 4×6 print of each image!)
25 Custom Holiday Cards: From $50

For reference, my standard Family Session is 1 hour at any location of your choice in the Santa Barbara area, at a date/time that suits your schedule, and usually yields 50-75+ photos (enough for a beautiful book, a box full of prints, or a ton of options for wall art).

$275 includes:
1-hour session
Private online gallery
5 high-res images of your choice
The full set is an additional $150, or $230 for the Custom USB Drive
15% off prints, products and cards

If you’d like to book a session, email me at, let me know what type of session you’d like, who will be involved and if there will be any pets, and I can send you the available dates and times. Contact me ASAP to make sure you get your preferred day.

Happy fall! 🙂